Woodwarm have been producing Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Stoves for over 30 years and are still infused with the same passion for creating one of the most important heating decisions a home owner will need to make.

Woodwarm offer unrivalled options from Boilers to heat water to leg frames, plinth, pedestals and flue adaptors, this is because each stove and its parts are hand built here in the UK.

Handmade, hand designed, reliability assured.


  • Available in single and double sided options
  • Hand crafted in Devon
  • Freestanding and inset stoves available
  • Flat top and canopy options.

Our Top Picks

The Doublesided Fireview

The versatility of the Woodwarm Fireview mean that most of the range can be made as double-sided stoves. They are available as either a double depth stove or single depth with a door both sides for a fantastic view of the fire from either side, still incorporating the Woodwarm airwash system and full riddling grate.

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