Spring cleaning your stove!


27 Apr 2015


As the weather improves (hopefully), it’s a good time to “service” your stove, when it’s not in use so much. It is good practice to check the following, in order to see whether parts need to be replaced after the winter, and in preparation for next winter!

  • Grate
  • Glass
  • Door rope seal
  • Baffle/throat plate
  • Bricks
  • Does your stove need a coat of paint to freshen it up?

We keep quite a lot of genuine spare parts in stock and can order in what you need if we don’t have an item – we have access to parts for most stoves. Generally, it only takes a few days at this time of year. Lead time for parts can be quite long during winter months, so it’s a good idea to get on with the job over the summer.

Handy tip: during the period when you don’t use your stove, leave the door slightly ajar and the air control open in order to avoid condensation building up in the stove and in the chimney/flue system.

If you need any help or advice, please call us on 0191 267 7100 or send an email to enquiries@stanegatestoves.co.uk.


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