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Stanegate Stoves is an established company which offers a personal and reliable service tailored to meet individual requirements. We advise on, supply and install stoves and fires (free standing and inset), fuelled by wood, multi-fuel, gas and electricity.  The stoves and fires we offer are designed to be fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, combined with stylish appeal. We also supply chimney liners, flue systems, spare parts and accessories.

Thinking of a new stove? Print off and complete this check list before you visit our showroom. It asks essential questions which will help us find your perfect stove.

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Our Aim

Our aim is to provide a personal service, designed to meet your individual and specific needs and requirements, as well as advising on the practicalities.  We want to speak to you personally so that we can assess what you require in order to help to ensure that you are supplied with the correct appliance.  With that in mind, you will be comforted to know that you will be speaking to the same personnel throughout the process.  Give us a call – we would love to hear from you – Tel (0191) 267 7100

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a useful selection of our most frequently asked questions. If you’ve got a question we haven’t answered please contact the showroom on 0191 267 7100, we are more than happy to help.

Q. How long does a stove last?

A. A decent quality stove should last for years and years provided it is properly maintained and is used to burn good quality fuel.

Q. Why should I buy from yourselves instead of anyone else?

A. You can benefit from our staff’s expertise, passion and pride, which is backed up by our close relationship with stove manufacturers. We will give you solid, impartial advice on the most suitable stove for you. You can view and closely examine a wide variety of traditional and contemporary, good quality stoves in our large showroom. We offer a full warranty, back up and advice service, and also supply spare parts. In short, we provide a local, bespoke service which will give you peace of mind.

Q. Who fits the stove and how long does this take?

A. Your options are to have the stove fitted by a registered HETAS Engineer who will then self-certify the installation and register it, or by a competent person and have the installation inspected, approved and registered by an officer from your local planning department.

Q. Do they come with a guarantee?

A. If you buy a stove from an approved retailer, the stove will have a full manufacturer’s warranty. If the stove is bought via the internet, or from a non approved retailer, many manufacturers will not offer a full warranty.

Q. How much wood will the stove need?

A. Depends on the size of your stove, the “pull” on your chimney, whether you are burning a mixture of fuels, and how hard you are burning your stove..

Q. Do I need Planning Permission and Building Regulations Approval?

A. Planning Permission
Not usually, but we always recommend that you check with your local planning authority.

Building Regulations Approval
Not if you use a certified HETAS installer. If not, it will be necessary to have the installation inspected by a Building Inspector, who will charge to approve/certify the installation.

Q. How do I find out what size stove I need?

A. Please bring the size of your room with you when you visit us, and we will work it out for you (length x breadth x height). This topic needs careful assessment to make sure you buy the right stove.

Q. Does the stove get hot and is it safe for children?

A. Yes, stoves are hot and should not be touched unless wearing heatproof gloves or mittens. Never allow small children to approach the stove. If you do have small children, we would recommend investing in a decent, sturdy fireguard.

However, we would add that a stove is safer than an open fire because it is a closed appliance.

Q. How do I light the stove?

A. You can use up yesterday’s newspaper and kindling sticks, or firelighters, and the fire within the stove will be established within a few minutes.

Q. Do they produce a lot of ash?

A. The amount of ash produced depends on the fuel you are using. Wood leaves very little ash in a decent stove. You can expect a bit more ash from solid fuel.

Q. What maintenance do they need?

A. We recommend that you have your chimney swept once a year, and use the opportunity to check the stove’s door seals, the baffle and bricks, etc, and generally give it a good look over to ensure that the consumable parts are all in good order, and replace if necessary.

Q. Does the glass door get dirty?

A. Not if the fuel you are using is of the correct quality, the air wash system is used correctly and you are burning the stove at a sufficiently hot rate.

Q. Why are they more efficient than open fires?

A. Stoves can be 80%+ efficient, whereas an open fire is likely to be less than 20% efficient. This is because a stove is a closed appliance, thereby making best use of the fuel. In the case of an open fire, most of the heat from the fire goes straight up the chimney and not into the room. A stove is much cleaner than an open fire, uses less fuel, and is far more controllable.

Q. How much does a stove cost?

A. Quality stoves start from £599 upwards. We have a good choice, depending on budget, the “look” you would like (traditional or contemporary), compatibility of your flue, and the fuel you would like to burn (wood only or multi-fuel).

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