The Danish company, Morso, has a long history of manufacturing heating equipment, and has led the way in both new designs and efficiency.  Their range is extensive and is comprised of stoves to cover a variety of needs and tastes.


  • Choice of radiant or convection stoves
  • Quality of build
  • Inset and contemporary models available, as well as more traditional
  • 99% of the cast iron in a Morso cast iron stove comes from scrap which has been re-smelted

Our Top Picks

3116 Badger

Morsø 3100-series following a thorough, technical upgrade and a design lift, the stove stands out with a contemporary, elegant look and meets all the latest combustion principles, continuing all the best points from the classic Morsø stove. The stove has smooth sides on the convection model and a very fine ribbed pattern on the radiant.


The 6140 wood stove is simple in design and timeless in style, featuring a serene ‘wholeness’ of clean lines, hidden hinges and functionality.
The Morsø 6140 design is complete in every sense; its form, construction and cast iron components blend natural together, fitting in with our basic philosophy to keep things simple.
The stove series is tested and approved to meet some of the strictest environmental standards in the world.


The Morso 4400 Series combines a 5KW rated output with large panoramic views of the flames and a wide range of base options inc short 150mm legs, longer 200mm legs and 200mm side panels.
SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) -As of 2022 all stoves produced must meet stricter eco-friendly requirements set out by the European Union. Stoves that comply will use less energy and produce fewer harmful gasses and have an efficiency of over 80%. Some stoves already comply with this such as this one.


The smallest model from the Ø Collection, the stylish Ø4 incorporates state-of-the art Fire-Slide control, and offers big stove performance with small stove output.
Designed to heat areas typically of around 45 cubic metres, the Ø4 steel stove also incorporates a preheated airwash system, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and beauty of the dancing flames without becoming overheated.
Multifuel steel stove – suitable for almost any room setting
‘Style and function’ is the main philosophy behind the design, with special emphasis on simple operation and environmental impact.
The style of the Ø-Collection with gentle curves, simple lines and uncluttered viewing area makes it suitable for almost any room setting, be it traditional English cottage or New York styled apartment.
The look is timeless, peaceful and relaxing, with no fussy decorations to distract the viewer away from the pure contemplation of the flames.

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