DeliVita Pizza Oven Range

DeliVita deluxe packages

Our beautifully designed versatile ovens offer superb performance and weighing only 30kg are portable to enjoy anywhere. Crafted by hand and featuring a traditional clay interior, our ovens take time to create to our exacting standards.

Stylish ovens made of fibreglass and weigh just under 30kg. Patent-pending insulating heatproof handles & oven base mean they can be positioned anywhere, on anything sturdy enough to safely bear the oven weight. Perfect for urban balconies and gardens. Completely waterproof shell, exterior resistant to hairline cracks*. If you are not a pizza lover, meat/fish & veg cook perfectly in our ovens. Ready to cook in around 25 minutes.

Authentic wood-fire cooked pizza ready to eat in around 90 seconds. Every oven is made by hand in Yorkshire. All our ingredients are organic and sourced in the UK. Our ovens come with a guarantee on construction and workmanship. Outdoor use only.

Deluxe complete collection:

  • The very black oven
  • All weather delivita oven cover
  • Oven brush
  • Pizza peel
  • Pizza cutter
  • Dough scraper
  • Prod & blow
  • Traditional organic vegan dough
  • Curing starter pack
  • Pizza turner
  • Oven door
  • Black iron dish
  • Leather glove
  • Fired recipe book
  • Fold away oven stand
  • Infrared gun

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You can contact us online with your questions, call us direct on 0191 2677100 or pop in to see us at The Cone

Delivita range

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