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About Stovax

What a range of products!  Stovax offers traditional and contemporary, wood and multi-fuel stoves to suit every taste.  Their portfolio has expanded hugely in recent years and now includes Yeoman, Dovre, Lotus, Nordpeis and Varde Ovne.


  • Stovax’s traditional wood and multi-fuel range are premium quality cast iron and steel stoves. A large percentage of the roomheaters are DEFRA approved for smokeless zones.
  • Boiler stoves available.
  • Enamel and matt finishes available.
  • High efficiency.
  • UK company.

Wood burning & Multi-fuel models

Stockton 5 wide

The Stovax Stockton 5 Wide offers the impressive flame visuals of a large format wood burning and multi-fuel stove but with a 5kW heat output suitable for most rooms. With its wide front and narrow depth, this model presents you with an additional option to the popular Stockton 5, whilst maintaining the same 5kW heat output. This wood burning and multi-fuel stove can be selected as either a single or double door stove and an additional multi-fuel kit can be added to allow you to burn smokeless fuels. You can also choose from Metallic Blue, Green or Brown to suit your interior.

Stockton 5

The Stockton 5 continues to be a favourite. With eight sizes, each available in four colours, and some models having a further choice of door styles and canopies, there is a Stovax Stockton stove to suit any home. Furthermore, there are inset versions, double sided versions and even boiler versions, so whether traditional or modern, large or small, in country or town, burning wood or solid fuel you should find a Stockton to match your setting.

Sheraton 5

The Stovax Sheraton 5 wood burning and multi-fuel stoves feature a bevelled doorframe with matching cornicing to the cast iron top and bottom. Timeless aesthetics characterise this elegant stove, alongside state-of-the-art, low emission combustion systems. Designed to suit everything from a country cottage to a modern townhouse, the Sheraton’s innovative firebox design also ensures extraordinary cleanliness of burn, with both wood burning and multi-fuel models suitable for smoke control areas as well as being SIA Ecodesign Ready. The Sheraton 5 is also availible in an electric version. This wood burning and multi-fuel stove is available in a wider format: the Sheraton 5 Wide.

Sheraton 5 wide

Continuing the Sheraton range’s period styling, the Stovax 5 Wide wood burning and multi-fuel stove offers a more expansive flame view than the 5, with a slimmer depth – whilst still providing a 5kW heat output suitable for standard room sizes. Featuring bevelled door frame with matching cornicing to the cast iron top and bottom, the Stovax Sheraton 5 Wide is available in electric, wood burning and multi-fuel versions.

chesterfield 5

Perfectly proportioned, the Chesterfield 5 wood burning and multi-fuel stove is a great fit for fireplaces or freestanding against a wall. Designed around our triple airflow combustion systems, these elegant convector stoves deliver exceptional heating performance whether you choose a dedicated wood burning or multi-fuel version. Both versions feature the range’s convector design to reduce distance to combustibles and enhance heating capability. The Chesterfield 5 has been independently verified as SIA Ecodesign Ready, meeting and exceeding Ecodesign air quality standards. Moreover, thanks to their urban area approval, these advanced stoves are exempt from DEFRA Smoke Control Areas, meaning they are suitable for your home whether you live in the town or country. This wood burning and multi-fuel stove is available in a wider format: the Chesterfield 5 Wide.

chesterfield 5 wide

This large format, slimline wood burning and multi-fuel stove is perfect for settings where a shallower depth is required, without sacrificing flame visuals. Broader and taller than the Chesterfield 5, the Chesterfield 5 provides a 5kW heat output and can be selected in wood burning or multi-fuel models. The Chesterfield family features our Convector Heat Flow system, which channels warm air between the firebox and the outer walls of the stove back into the room for enhanced heating performance. This innovative design feature also removes heat from the rear of the appliance, reducing the stove’s distance to combustibles for more installation possibilities.

Inset wood burning & multi-fuel models

Studio 500 inset

The Stovax Studio 500 inset fire is contemporary wood burning cassette stove. Expertly designed, the Studio has clean, contemporary lines which complement modern interiors and incorporate advanced clean burn combustion systems, which provide outstanding flame pictures and superior heating efficiency. The optional fan-assisted convection system helps boost the flow of heat into your room whilst providing a beautiful focal point. There are several different styling options that help match the Studio 500 to your interior, from the simple edge frame to the larger format glass, ceramic or stone frames.

Studio 1 inset

The Studio 1 inset cassette by Stovax is a wood burning fire that can be paired with a wide variety of frames. With the 'edge' trim the fire becomes a seamless no-frame log burner, other options include glass and steel to ceramic and stone. Designed to create a striking feature in your living space with enticing widescreen flame visuals the Studio 1 cassette gives you full control of the flame aesthetics. From a lazy roll to a lively roar, you can adjust your fire to suit. The Riva Studio 1 Inset wood burning fire is suitable for use in smoke controlled areas when fitted with the appropriate kit making it DEFRA approved.

Studio 2 inset

Stovax Riva Studio inset wood burning fires are available in four sizes and a double sided version, each with a wide variety of frame options. From glass and steel to ceramic and stone, there will be a frame to suit your own personal taste and style. Alternatively the Riva Studio can be fitted with an Edge kit for a more minimalist appearance.

Studio 3 inset

Stovax Riva Studio 3 is an inset cassette wood burning fire with a heat output ranging from 3.8-16kW, this makes an ideal focal point for grand sized living spaces. With multiple frame choices available there will be one to suit your own personal taste and style. Alternatively the Riva Studio can be fitted with an Edge kit for a more minimalist appearance. The Studio 3 inset stove has simple controls and uses an airwash system to help keep the large landscape glass clean, the fully insulated chamber designed to burn wood helps the Stovax Studio 3 produce an impressive 80% efficiency.

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